So I draw

As Ive mentioned before in posts I am somewhat of a fan of Transformers (some would say obsessed and they would be correct to be real here).  And one way I’ve discovered I enjoy celebrating transformers is by drawing fanart of it. So I spend a lot of my free time doing that.  The issue … Continue reading So I draw

The nervous wait

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in the middle of my A-level examinations, which if you don’t know are kind of important. Just a little. It’s not like they decide whether I get into university or anything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO SIR! (I’m lying) Yes these exams dictate whether or not the universities I apply … Continue reading The nervous wait

Soon to be events

Did I just buy these? Yes, yes I did. I’ve looked at these shoes a bunch of times in the past and I found a pair that were affordable and just thought “screw it” so I bought them. They should hopefully be here within the next week or two and I’m so excited! Don’t care … Continue reading Soon to be events

They see me rollin’

THEY HATING!! Haha hello it’s been a while (I’m too lazy to get the exact date of the last time I posted don’t judge me!) So the past 3 weeks I’ve been having driving lessons! IMAGINE! Someone is letting Tiegan on the roads, that’s a dangerous game to be playing. Yes 3 Wednesdays past I … Continue reading They see me rollin’