That one song

I will admit to having the most random music tastes. The contents of one of my Spotify playlists literally goes from MCR, to The Beatles, to Martin Garrix. Literally not one ounce of consistency. There’ll be times when a certain song, or genre of songs, will start to play and I have to skip them all because … Continue reading That one song

So I draw

As Ive mentioned before in posts I am somewhat of a fan of Transformers (some would say obsessed and they would be correct to be real here).  And one way I’ve discovered I enjoy celebrating transformers is by drawing fanart of it. So I spend a lot of my free time doing that.  The issue … Continue reading So I draw

The nervous wait

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently in the middle of my A-level examinations, which if you don’t know are kind of important. Just a little. It’s not like they decide whether I get into university or anything. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO SIR! (I’m lying) Yes these exams dictate whether or not the universities I apply … Continue reading The nervous wait

Soon to be events

Did I just buy these? Yes, yes I did. I’ve looked at these shoes a bunch of times in the past and I found a pair that were affordable and just thought “screw it” so I bought them. They should hopefully be here within the next week or two and I’m so excited! Don’t care … Continue reading Soon to be events